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Aqualandia - Parco Acquatico

Pista Azzurra - Go Kart

Skate - Play Village


Scuola di sub

Golf club Jesolo

Jolly Roger

Attractions in Jesolo

The beach (100m)
Jesolo's long, long beach, with 15km of golden sand is the longest in Italy. An endless series with seaside resorts, refreshment stands, bars and restaurants along the beach,trendy nightclubs, all this makes a seaside holiday truely unforgettable.

Pedestrian Area (50m)
Jesolo has the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe, (from 8 pm – 6 am) an endless street full of shops and entertainment.  

Friday Market (3 km)
The town market takes place in Piazza Kennedy, Jesolo Paese, every Friday morning.

Equitation center-Jesolo Riding center (5 km)
At Jesolo horses are at home! At a short distance from our hotel is the new Jesolo equitation centre where you can horseback riding.

Parco Grifone (1km)
The park in Piazza Milano has a children’s playground open during the day.  

Golf (5 km)
About 900,000 m2 destined to an 18 hole golf course
Via Roma dx, Tel. 0421 372774

Aqualandia (6 km)
Aqualandia is a "theme water park" N° 1 in Italy, has recently been elected the best water park in Europe.

Tennis / Mini golf (100m)
open until 24:00.

Play Village (2 km)
Tennis, skating, basket ball, 5-aside football
Via Equilio, 48, Jesolo Lido
Tel. 0421 92884 Fax. 0421 93494

Pista Go-kart (3 km)
80000 mq area, today it continues to be one of the most important tracks of the world and every year it is the Karts Competitions and various motor shows place, from the regolarity car to supermotard.
From March to September The Pista Azzurra gives everyboby the opportunity to try the go-kart emotion with its hire kart for children and adults.
Inside the track there is a equipped workshop for the contest go-karts, a spacious bar-restaurant and a big parking area with a park for chldren.
Tel. 0421 972471

Jesolandia (2 km)
Located on the outskirts of the Lido di Jesolo,the New Jesolandia is the newest theme park dedicated to the enjoyment of young and old. The structure is spread over an area of about 20,000 sqm, which has concentrated a surprising number of exciting attractions for the whole family, to experience in absolute comfort and safety.

Jolly Roger (1 km)
The Jolly Roger is ready to welcome you on board its galleons, designed to look like the ships sailing the Venetian Republic flags between 1600 and 1800, to accompany you on an adventure through the enchanting Venetian lagoon to some of the most exciting spots on the Adriatic coast.

Gomma Piuma (2,5km)
Theme park with inflatable games
P.zza Brescia, Tel. 333 6305583

Nuovo porto turistico (8 km)
Viale Anna Frank, 1
Lido di Jesolo - Venezia - ITALY
Tel: + 39.0421.971488

Pesca d'altura
(8 km)
Big Game Tuna, Tel. 0421 372338
Pesca Orsippa, Tel. 0421 380672
Motonave Graziano, Tel. 0421 953224

Scuola di sub
Via Amba Alagi, Tel. 0421 980167
P.zza Torino, I, Tel. 0421 370551
Blu Sport
Via S. Trentin, Tel. 0421 972845

Wind surf, Vela
Jesolo Windsurfing Center
Via Pigafetta, Tel. 0421 972888
Jesolsurf Windsurfing School,
Via Mascagni, 0421 971731 Marconi Windsurfing Center
P.zza Marconi Mazzini
Windsurfing School,
P.zza Mazzini, Tel. 0421 372024 - 0421 972394
Sun Sea Sailing,
Via dei Navigatori, Tel. 339 2930183
Windsurfing School Bridgman,
Via Aquileia, 120, Tel. 0421 370658

Casinò di Venezia (30km)
Cà Noghera - Mestre (Ve)

Villa Giulia Beauty & Wellness (5km)
Jesolo Paese, Via Antiche Mura 48, Tel. 0421 952950